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Our Work

Our goal is to help provide pickups to my fathers unit, who are currently fighting on the front lines in Ukraine. These vehicles are incredibly useful and allow the soldiers to transport, equipment, food, medicines, building materials, and other necessary items to and from the battlefield as well as allowing for quick evacuations if the need arises.

Truck One

Nissan Frontier

The first truck that was bought and converted for the Unit's purposes. Mainly funded by family and close family friends, the diesel 4x4 set the standard of what was needed by the Unit. 

Truck 2

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Bought alongside an identical model, The American Ford Ranger Wildtrak is the epitome of what the Unit is looking for: Roomy cab interior capable of fitting four soldiers wearing gear, built tough, and accessorized with a bull bar and flood lights. 

Truck 3 

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The sister Ford Ranger to the one above, it was

outfitted with a bull bar, flood lights, and a functional trailer was procured to expand hauling capacity.

Truck 4 

Nissan Navara

This Nissan Navara was purchased alongside the next set of ford rangers. Sold with a set of off-roading tires, this Nissan has had no problems tackling any off road missions so far.  

Truck 5

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Purchased from an area near the sea, this truck had a lot of rust damage to many parts of the outer frame. However, the technicians were able to replace/repair any critical parts and even managed to fix any aesthetic damage to bring this truck up to service standard. It now has been in service for two months with no problems reported.

Truck 6 

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Bought in the same lot as the previous two, this Ford Ranger also showed signs of wear and tear due to climate. Currently it is being repaired and is awaiting modifications so that it may join the other trucks in the battery.

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