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Our aim 

Over the past year, our efforts and the generosity of donors have resulted in the delivery, maintenance, and upgrades to six (soon will be seven) 4 x 4 pick up truck for my fathers specialized artillery battery.  The Trucks for Ukraine project was a major success and now we would like to ensure that our work and impact persists in being helpful and viable on the frontlines by launching our spring maintenance initiative. The goal of this project is to fund the replacement of tires for the six vehicles that have been working over some of the toughest terrain that Ukraine has to offer as well as establish a small emergency fund in case any of the vehicles get damaged or require any maintenance. 

What we are collecting for


A set of replacement tires costs around $600. At the moment this is the most pressing issue that we can easily address to ensure that the trucks stay safe to operate.

Truck Maintenance 

Fortunately our trucks made it through the winter relatively unscathed, however as the spring and summer approach, the more frequent use of the vehicles may lead to some wear and tear that would need to be addressed. We are hoping to get ahead of the issue to have funds available for any minor part fixes.

Other Aid

In the event that we have extra funds or a more immediate need is realized for the unit, we may allocate some donations towards meeting those needs. For example, this past winter there was a need for extra funding to purchase winter uniforms for the unit. While no TrucksforUA donations were used for that purpose, we may use some funds for certain

non-lethal aid of that nature in the future.



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